The HIVBrainSeqDB is a public database of HIV envelope sequences, directly sequenced from brain and other tissues from the same patients.

For inclusion in the database, sequences must: (i) be deposited in Genbank; (ii) include some portion of the HIV env region; (iii) be clonal, amplified directly from tissue; and (iv) be sampled from the brain, or sampled from a patient for which the database already contains brain sequence.

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Sequences from Brown et al, 2011 added

35 sequences from the brain and lymph node of 1 new patient have been incorporated into the database.  Additional information on their cloning and sequencing is described in the recent publication by Brown et al:

Brown et al. Intercompartmental Recombination of HIV-1 Contributes to env Intrahost Diversity and Modulates Viral Tropism and Sensitivity to Entry Inhibitors. J Virol (2011) vol. 85 (12) pp. 6024-37

The HIVBrainSeqDB is ready for public use

Development and testing of the HIVBrainSeqDB has been completed and the database is ready for use.

Please click “Search the Database” above to enter.  The manuscript describing the database is published in AIDS Research and Therapy.

Holman et al. HIVBrainSeqDB: a database of annotated HIV envelope sequences from brain and other anatomical sites. AIDS Res Ther (2010) vol. 7 pp. 43